4 Costly Mistakes you must Avoid when Launching a Website

As a responsible online marketer, you need to find better ways to stay on top of the list. Google along with other prominent search engines are quite tricky these days. With so many different updates, you have to do your to best to keep your site on track. Always remember, consistency is the main key to success. So, stop thinking about how to fool the search engines. Instead, use that energy to improve your website.

For a healthier campaign, I would personally suggest hiring the best SEO provider. To help you with some of the basic strategies today, here are some of the things you need to avoid when launching or rebuilding your website:

  1. No Homepage Content

Your website is your online lounge. This means you need to provide all the necessary information about your company. Make sure everything you publish online is original and informative as well. Keep in mind that your customers (and search engines) need to know what you’re all about.

  1. Irrelevant and insufficient content on a page

Search engines can easily detect “unhealthy” websites. Make sure to double check the landing pages. Each page should be relevant to every search query. Avoid insufficient content as well. Supply more details to help your customers. The main key here is to make your website more interactive and easier to navigate.

  1. Keyword spamming

Gone are the days when you can simply build multiple links by stuffing keywords. Again, Google along with other search engines have become “smarter” and can easily flag your site using these unethical and outdated techniques. You cannot improve your rankings just because you listed 100 cities separated by commas on your homepage. It’s all about relevance and quality.

  1. Misleading title tags

Making a compelling title tag will help your site visitors know more about the page they want to visit. This is the summary of the webpage and it shouldn’t be a huge bit of keywords you’re trying to rank for. Be creative and make it sound natural.

Here are some of the things you need to avoid when rebuilding your website. Keep yourself updated and make sure to monitor your progress. This will help you make the right adjustments for your campaigns.


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